I Already Hate Electric Lit (But Also I Love it)

While browsing for inspiration for my next post I came across this delightful article on Electric Lit, “The Only Thing Better than Dostoevsky is Pumpkin Spice Dostoevsky.”

I obviously didn’t know what to expect. Would you? Seriously, let’s do a little activity. Take a couple seconds and brainstorm what this article could possibly be about. Like, really think. How could this in any way resemble a responsible blog post? What information will come of this?

If you ignored my game and didn’t guess at all, you’re right! The author mischievously changes the titles of some of Dostoevsky’s books to be more, how do the literaries say, eh, Starbucksesque.

If you visit Electric Lit right now and that’s the first post you see, maybe you’ll have the same reaction I did: a desperate whisper, “No. Stop.

Perhaps, like me, you’ll think, “No way am I reading this.”

But you’ll read it.

And not just once.

Why is it so funny to read Russian book titles with the phrase “Pumpkin Spice” added to them? For the same reason watching someone pronounce people’s names wrong is funny. Because the world is coming to an end.

I neither like Pumpkin Spice nor have I read any Dostoevsky. Now, I want both.

In conclusion, Electric Lit: I hate you. But stay real, man.

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